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8 week Optimal Performance Course for Impact Makers

Course introduction

To all courageous change makers – how to improve your optimal performance and make more impact?

You are an intrinsically motivated change maker. You have the heart, the courage and the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to initiate and succeed in your organisation’s sustainability journey. You play different roles, and you are a strategist, a networker, initiator, innovator, coach, and an expert. Sometimes all at the same time. You are driven by a sense of purpose and keep on going no matter what.

You find it totally normal to invest in learning about your fields of expertise and in the tools you need to reach your goals.

But what about on your own performance? Are you investing in that, too? How well do you know yourself? How do you deal with stress, what gives you energy, how do you stay focused and what are your strengths and weaknesses in working with and in teams? Do you know what you want to change to improve your, and your organisation’s sustainability performance?

This 8-week, 16 hours course is specially designed for change makers who want to step up their impact game. It is a personal development journey but you will also learn a lot from the interaction with the other participants. We meet each week for 1,5 hours in a group, together with other change makers, and there are also one-on-one moments with your trainer.

Do you want to have the influence, energy and performance necessary to inspire, engage and lead your colleagues, team and other stakeholders in your programmes and initiatives? Are you up for a challenge, eager to discover and improve your optimal performance level, and like to be taken out of your comfort zone in a pleasant outdoor setting? Then this course is for you.

Target audience

This course targets all impact makers, sustainability professionals and social entrepreneurs wanting to increase their own and their organization’s impact by finding their own (and their team members’) optimal performance.  Years of sustainability experience do not matter. Open, curious mindset and commitment to ‘personal development for good’ are essential.

What is the course about?

The program runs for 8 weeks and includes a personal intake conversation and assessment at the start, 6 modules and 6 outdoor group training sessions, in between individual coaching and assignments, and a concluding conversation with the trainer. We will tackle each key driver of your personal wellbeing, performance and leadership, including stress & energy management, focus, productivity, collaboration in and with teams, and optimal performance & influence.

In this journey you will discover what YOU need to be a great changemaker, and how you can get there, one step at the time.

A detailed program   

The course starts with a survey and personal (one on one) intake conversation with each of the participants. This is all about creating clarity around your situation, needs and ambitions. What are your and/or your organization’s (sustainability) goals and how do you contribute? Which roles do you play, and how effective are you? Do you know what it takes to make you more effective in these different roles? What do need? And what do you want to work on?

The resulting insights mark the start of your personal 8-week discovery journey, together with a group of like-minded change makers, who each work on their own goals, that will give you insights and tools to increase your optimal performance – and benefits for you and our organization.

Then there are 6 modules that each focus on one dimensions of optimal performance:

  1. The role of stress and stress management
  2. Energy management – How do I create the energy I need, throughout the day?
  3. Team work & collaboration – How do I (really) function, thrive and lead in a team?
  4. Holding focus, dealing with distraction, setting priorities
  5. Reaching optimal performance level and flow
  6. Development and reflection – how do I integrate it all into my daily life? What are my next steps?

In each of the 6 modules we’ll follow a similar structure:

  1. ‘Experience by doing’;
  2. Personal reflection;
  3. A theoretical framework, and;
  4. Reflection on your personal and professional situation(s), and taking steps/bring into practice in daily life
  5. Assignments and follow-up do not take a lot of time (you can often simply integrate them in your daily life) but form an important part of the program.

Each of the modules includes a 1,5 hour (group) outdoor session with the trainer (Lettemieke). In each session we start with a quick review of your past week’s insights and experiences. We’ll then dive into a new dimension of your optimal performance. Corona permitting, the sessions are face to face and (weather permitting) outdoors but can also be organized online or indoors as needed.

There will be practical assignments for you to do before and after our sessions. These do not take a lot of time but are key for the program to be a success for you.

Our sessions together include physical, sports-based exercises, and also include mindfulness and bodily awareness enhancing practices. These exercises are not about sports or mindfulness per se, but mainly serve to give you useful insights. Basic fitness level is sufficient to participate. Each of the 6 outdoor modules include +/- 45 mins exercises, and 45 mins evaluation and reflection.

After completing the 6 modules, Lettemieke will have a concluding conversation with each of you to discuss your journey, insights, and follow-up actions.

In total, you should count on taking about 16 hours for the entire 8 week course, including:

  • 6 outdoor sessions of 1,5 hours each
  • Completing an introductory survey and personal conversation with Lettemieke – total time = 1 hour
  • Follow-up assignments throughout the program – 8 hours max
  • Concluding one-on-one session with Lettemieke – 1 hour

Travel time (depending on where you live or work)

Learning objectives

This course provides you with real, experiential learning based insights and self-awareness about your behavioural patterns, limiting convictions, and unique talents. You acknowledge and accept your weaknesses. You develop your strengths. You discover ways and practical tools to raise your influence, ability to stay calm under pressure, your energy, focus and performance – and with that, your ability to engage and lead your colleagues, team and other stakeholders. In other words, you discover how to be a more impactful change maker.


Lettemieke Mulder is your trainer for this course.

Lettemieke is a down-to-earth and empathetic, non-judgmental and energetic mindset trainer and seasoned and multi-facetted sustainability professional.

She has led cross-functional sustainability programs with triple bottom line value for global brands Unilever, Tetra Pak, First Solar and Sony. She now

focuses on promoting social entrepreneurship and helping for profit and non-profit organizations design and implement sustainability and partnering strategies, identifying opportunities and driving internal change.

Having worked in the sustainability profession for many years, Lettemieke has seen -and experienced first-hand herself- how professionals in this sector, keen as they are to ‘get the job done’-  underestimate the importance of ‘personal sustainability’ … leading to discouragement, burning out and decreased performance and impact.

Mind5® M.E.T.H.O.D.© is a very powerful movement-based ‘learning by doing’ approach through which Lettemieke discovered how to be a much better version of herself. Now she is helping other changemakers discover their better versions too, so that they can create more impact, an do so more lastingly.

As a multi-lingual Dutch Lettemieke has lived, worked and studied in the UK, the US, Germany and The Netherlands and currently lives in Belgium. She has a Master of Arts in International Relations from the Groningen University and a Masters of Science in Environmental Management and Auditing from the University of Aberystwyth. She is also a certified yoga teacher and Mind5® Optimal Performance Leader.

Course materials

  • Survey with a short number of questions preceding the course, which all participants are kindly requested to complete
  • Recommended reading, blogs, podcasts etc
  • Assignments – sent to you by email.
  • Answers to your questions in between our sessions – by email


1250€ (excl. VAT)

This price includes the training, course materials and snacks. Their are only 12 spots available.

Members of our strategic partners such as the sustainability network The Shift receive a 20% reduction, provided they mention the promocode on the registration form.

All CSR Campus courses are eligible for the ‘KMO-portefeuille ’ – offering the possibility of a  20% discount.


Date: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 October & 5 November 2021
Hour: Every Friday from 14h – 15h30
Locatie: tba: nice outdoor context: Park – Brussels area – can be adapted to whereabouts participants
Catering: you are being asked to bring your own water – we provide (healthy) snacks during our outdoor sessions

Praktische informatie


Prijs: €1250

Locatie: Brussels
Brussels, Belgium

Every Friday from 14.00 p.m. to 15.30 p.m.

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